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Why replace a door, when it could be repaired?

The locking strip on your UPVC door is one of the few moving parts of your door. It is the part that suffers the stresses and strains of repeated daily use, and as such will wear out eventually. Signs of existing issues with your door may include dropped handles or stiff resistance when operating. It also may be the case that not all the bolts are moving when the handles are operated. If these problems are not addressed, then the lock will eventually fail. If you are lucky, it will fail in the open position. If you are unlucky, it will fail in the locked position locking you in or locking you out. It will always pick the most inappropriate time to do so.

There is no need for a new door. If you are otherwise happy with the condition of the door, then the locking strip can be replaced with a like for like replacement or upgraded to a higher security specification for added piece of mind.

We have seen a plenty of home owners in Edinburgh who had persistent problems since the installation of UPVC doors, and who have been misled by tradesmen in an attempt to solve their problems. In fact, the only thing what is required to resolve some issues in many cases is a specialized process of "toeing and heeling" the door. To complete this process, the door panels and glazing need to be removed, and the door weight needs to be transferred to the bottom corner hinge by the use of manipulation and special packers. This simple logical process once and for all fixes the dropped door scenario that can haunt home owners for years.